Commercial Painting and Floor Coatings in Houston

Rooms-to-Go PaintingIn commercial and industrial buildings, commercial-grade paint and coatings serve a dual purpose. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of your building, but they provide crucial surface protection. They safeguard materials against Houston’s environmental factors such as moisture, debris, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and weather events. High-performance paint is essential for this purpose. 

As a full-service Houston commercial painting contractor, we can help with all your coating and commercial painting needs, including:

  • Exterior painting for industrial and commercial real estate
  • Interior painting for commercial buildings
  • Specialty floor coatings for industrial applications

Industrial Painting Mitigates Costly Damage 

Whether you’re constructing a new industrial facility or need to rejuvenate an existing building, we provide comprehensive painting solutions to meet your needs.Our team offers advanced industrial painting services for all areas of your facility, both inside and out. 

Industrial painting enhances curb appeal, highlights potential hazards, separates different areas of your facility, and offers protection for building materials and equipment. Many modern industrial paints even provide fire resistance to minimize damage in case of a fire. 

Regular painting can prevent and mitigate damage caused by corrosion, rust, and weathering, saving your facility from costly remediation efforts. Without it, exterior surfaces of your facility can deteriorate due to various environmental factors like UV radiation, high temperatures, and moisture. Interior walls also face challenges in industrial facilities as they are exposed to steam, heat, chemicals, grease, and other potentially damaging materials. Industrial paints can help minimize these risks.

Specialty Floor Coatings for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

DaikinIndustrial and commercial flooring undergoes significant wear and tear, from constant foot traffic to heavy loads of equipment like forklifts. Specialty floor coatings can create non-slip surfaces, ensuring safety in industrial and commercial facilities of all kinds. 

The benefits of floor coatings include:

  • Improved Employee/Customer Safety: Floor coatings help prevent slips and falls that pose risks to safety and productivity. Additionally, anti-skid treatments provide grip even on wet, oily, or slippery floors. 
  • Increased Floor Longevity and Durability: Coatings reduce concrete permeability and seal minor damages such as small cracks. Waterproof coatings minimize moisture absorption, preventing damage and discoloration on commercial and industrial floors.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right specialty painting and coating services for your building. We’ll discuss your concerns and goals, providing recommendations tailored to your needs. 

Refresh and Protect Your Building with Houston Commercial Painting

For all your commercial painting and coating requirements, Keeton Construction Services provides the services you need. We are proud of our exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. When you choose our painting specialists, we handle everything from start to finish, including removing old paint or coating, preparing the surface, applying the new paint or coating, and ensuring proper curing. 

For convenient, efficient, and cost-effective commercial painting and specialty floor coating services, reach out to our team today.