Pre-engineered Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Metal Building FramePre-engineered construction is a fast, cost-effective, and durable option for commercial and industrial buildings in Houston.This method involves manufacturing steel building components at a fabrication plant, helping to ensure detailed quality control. Once all the pieces are produced, our team assembles them at the construction site into a finished building.

Pre-engineered metal buildings have two advantages over traditional construction methods. 

  • Faster Build Timelines: A pre-engineered build significantly reduces the time required from concept to completion. A building can be completed in a matter of weeks or a few short months, compared to traditional options that may take several months or even years. This accelerated timeline allows businesses to start operations sooner and generate revenue faster.
  • Lower Construction Costs: The readily available and inexpensive materials for metal pre-engineered building, combined with the efficient construction process, mean lower overall project costs. These buildings also require less labor to construct, further reducing expenses without compromising quality.

By leveraging the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings, we deliver high-quality results that meet your goals while adhering to budgetary and scheduling requirements. Trust our experienced team to bring your vision to life and create a functional space that enhances your business operations.

Durable, Custom-Built Structural Steel Buildings

Metal BuildingStructural steel fabrication involves preparing and modifying steel beams and materials to precise specifications. The aim is to fabricate parts that fit together perfectly, creating a robust frame for buildings.

Our experienced general construction team specializes in providing comprehensive structural steel fabrication services, including precise cutting, expert bending, and meticulous assembly of metal components. These steel elements form the framework that supports and defines your building.

Types of metal buildings that benefit from structural steel design include:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail facilities
  • Hospitality facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Self-storage buildings
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Barns
  • Riding arenas

By fabricating and assembling the structural steel ourselves, we maintain stringent quality control measures, ensuring that every component meets the highest standards of durability and performance. This attention to detail guarantees the long-lasting integrity of your building and contributes to efficient scheduling, minimizing any potential delays.

Experienced Commercial Contractors for Houston Construction Projects

Metal Building complexWhen you choose to hire our Houston commercial construction company for pre-engineered metal building construction, you can expect comprehensive services that cater to your specific project needs. As industry innovators, our team at Keeton Construction Services are committed to streamlining your commercial construction project from start to finish. 

Our team of experts is well-equipped to assist you with pre-construction estimating, ensuring accurate budget planning and cost projections. We offer professional building design services tailored to maximize functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency. 

With our construction management expertise, we oversee every aspect of the project, ensuring seamless coordination and timely completion. Contact us today to discuss pre-engineered metal building construction for your project.